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Cozy Home Decoration Ideas

What is the most important aspect of a home? Well, if you think it's the size, its time to look ahead. The most significant thing of a home is how comfortable it is. Well, if you agree, you would also realize that its time to start eyeing to make your home one. To create a comfortable and cozy home, all you need to do is give wings to your creativity and imagination, with a dash of common sense. Warm colors, inviting furniture, subtle decoration and textured draperies goes a long way deciph of the home. By arranging each factor mentioned above in the right style, you can give a complete makeover by changing the mood, look, personality, character and overall environment of a room.

Cozy Home Decoration Ideas

    The first thing that comes to mind, when we think of cozy home decoration is the color scheme of the rooms. The most ideal option would be to choose a warm yellow, muted red, or terra-cotta paint color. Another option would be to keep the existing paint intact and just accentuate one of the walls of the room.
    Make use of variety of textures. Soft and fluffy pillows, cushions and throw blankets make the room look cozier, as you can snuggle in them and feel at bliss. While baskets and hardbound books arranged neatly in book cases, make the room look more sophisticated and ethnic, black chrome armchairs, metallic round chairs, modern irregular-shaped tables and large mirrors make the room look too formal.
    Remember, when it comes to choosing the color for creating a cozy room dark warm-toned colors suit the best. Both walls and furnishings, in warm tones, make the room pleasant and inviting.
    Sleek furniture, though occupies less space, make the room look quite formal. Instead, go for textured furniture if you want to create a cozy atmosphere. Do not go for traditional heavy wooden ones.
    The use of more patterns makes the room appear smaller and cozier. However, in case you have a small room, use patterns sparingly.
    Throw rugs add instant warmth to the room and are great for those, who have their house on rent.
    Fluorescent and halogen lights look harsh and are too bright for coziness and warmth in the room. Use soft incandescent lights instead. Candles serve best for the purpose. Place various shapes, sizes and colors of candles on tables, mantels, or coffee tables. Candles when placed in front of mirrors bounces light, filling the room with a nice warming effect.
    To add drama to the lighting effect, infuse down lighting and up-lighting in the rooms. While in the former case you can go for lamp shades that diffuse the light down wards, the latter is mostly concerned with attracting the attention to the family photos and portraits on the walls, by installing a light above them.
    Re-arranging the furniture to the focal point of the room would go a long way in emphasizing the 'cozy' factor. Move furniture closer to the fireplace area or near a window that gets lots of sunlight - a perfect place to snuggle around!!

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Useful Home Decorating Tools

Home decoration goes a long way in deciphering the personality and taste of the person living. It does not matter whether you are living in a big colonial mansion or a small rented apartment, what matter the most is how you have styled your house. It is very essential for a home to radiate positive vibes and energies to the people staying and also to the guests. Only then, does a house transform from being just a 'house' to a 'home'. Talking about home decoration, the options are endless. You can either go for warm, comfortable, cozy home or an elegant formal one or the traditional conventional styled decor.

Whatever be the style of the house, there is one thing that you cannot do without - a toolbox. Whether it is budget and 'do-it-yourself' Decor projects or for the repair and maintenance of the Decor, it is imperative for you to have a tool box, with all the essential equipments. Make sure it has all the necessary implements that would be needed for completing a home Decor project. The different tools help in various works such as cutting, pasting, storing, accentuating and so on. Here is the checklist that you can use to arrange for tools that you will need for decorating your home:

Home Decorating Tools

    A step stool is one of the most essential tools, when it comes to home decorating. The uses of step stool are varied - right from painting ceilings or the top portions of walls, to hanging up curtains, clearing cobwebs, which accumulate over a period of time.
    You cannot ignore the need of a toolbox or caddy. It is essential for storing tools and other small tit-bits.
    Adhesives are quintessential product for home decoration. These include glue guns and sticks, spray adhesive can, staple gun with extra staple boxes, rubber bands, plastic twist ties, fusible interfacings and sewing needles and thread (exclusively used in case of fabric wallpapering).
    For those who have a front or back lawn/garden, gardening tools such as lawn mower, lawn aerators, leaf sweepers, pruning shears, compost turning garden tool, etc are much required.
    Accessories to decorate home such as gold and silver touch-up pens, black and white spray paints, paint brushes and colors, sandpaper cannot be missed when you are gathering tools for home decoration. Sometimes buttons, ribbons, laces and fringes are also required.
    If you want to hang pictures, messages and other things on the wall such as cup hooks, thumb tacks, push pins, plastic anchors, picture wire, and plastic anchors
    Sharp tools such as box cutter, cutting pliers, utility scissors and fabric scissors are essential requisites when it comes to home decoration.
    No home Decor project can be complete without measuring tools such as yardstick, measuring tape, T-Square or level and so on.
    In case you are getting woodwork done to revamp the look, woodworking tools such as a lightweight handsaw, screwdrivers of all sizes, C-clamps, nails and hammer are required.